Our Journey

We are professional players in a commercial photography company. Here we don’t consider what we do work because everything we do is so fun. We experiment with our creativity by indulging our wildest imaginations; oftentimes combining the most unusual colours, lighting and angles to create outstanding pictures and videos for our clients. We have been in this business for over 10 years.

Third Eye Space is a commercially creative space. As a Jakarta based company, we are one of the leading photography production houses in Indonesia. In 2005, we started the journey at Third Eye Studio by Anton Ismael. The studio has been a place where Anton could pursue his creative explorations as well as cater to his diverse client base.

Education, art and family are our main focus. That’s why we have Kelas Pagi, a community based photography study and research group in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Papua, Sanggar Sekar Kinanti and The Eternity. There have been more than 2000 photographers and visual artists who have graduated from Kelas Pagi since it started 10 years ago.


Our Spirit : Keluar Tumbuh Liar

We work to live in the spirit of Keluar Tumbuh Liar (grow freely without boundaries). This means challenges make us grow, allowing us to think out of the box, and allows us to create wild ideas. And the most exciting part is that we are open minded. We work, we share and we are happy.

Sharing is one of our main concerns. That’s why we love to collaborate with other artists, clients and communities for our events or education projects. Such as Third Eye Space Garbage Sale for Kelas Pagi Papua, Third Eye Space Open Studio di Jakarta and Yogyakarta.


Our Service

‘What is done with love, will be done well...’

As the world moves into the digital era, everything is moving faster. The creative industry is becoming more demanding and competitive. But challenges make us grow. Being in such a competitive industry we are used to being flexible in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We don’t just take photos, we work to form ideas into visual products.

Every day is an exciting work day for us. It could be a one or two hour photo session with gorgeous models in our studio, an early start video shooting with a celebrity chef for a TV commercial in a stylish kitchen, or even a single day photoshoot in a sunny desert in Australia or Vietnam for commercial billboards.