01 - Jakarta

New Yorkers like to boast, if you can survive in New York then you can survive anywhere in the world. But the truth is, greatest challenge doesn’t come from New York, but Jakarta. If you can survive in Jakarta then you can survive anywhere. 


Jakarta is the Capital of Indonesia, a country with a population of more than 255 million spread over more than 17,000 islands. Presently Indonesia has the world’s largest economies with $888 billion in GDP making it the largest in Southeast Asia and 10th position in the world. This has given Jakarta and the entirety of Indonesia significant political and economic positioning for the business and foreign investors.


According to an Emerging Cities Outlook ranking by A. T. Kearney Inc., Jakarta is most likely to see an improved global standing over the next 10 to 20 years. The Chicago-based consulting firm said Jakarta is moving up quickly in the area of human capital, particularly in measures of stability and security. The survey ranked Manila second, Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia in third. Neighbouring Kuala Lumpur was 10th on the list.


Jakarta’s emerging business opportunities have also increased the growth of it’s creative industries. Similar to the UK', Indonesia’s creative industries have 14 creative sectors that include music, film, fashion, architecture and interactive gaming, cuisine, which have reaped the benefits of this fast-growing economic sector.


The creative industry is not the biggest in Indonesia but is an area of rapid growth. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the country's creative economy grew by 62.07 percent between 2010-2015, according to Central Statistics Agency (Balai Pusat Statistik).


Still, with all of those promising aspects, living, working and doing business in Jakarta is quite interesting challenge. Jakarta is home to more than 12 millions transmigrants from Aceh to Papua, and with them they have brought their music, dances, arts, languages, crafts and cuisine.


Currently Jakarta has limited rail line and public transportation and is in the process of overhauling their system. Jakartans are left to face monster traffic jams to get around the city at busy times. This problem is exacerbated by the vast amount of construction going on.


But, if you know the right people you can get things done in a cost effective and time efficient manner. To survive in Jakarta, it takes more than just strenght and speed. We need to be tough yet flexible. As a Jakarta based company, we take inspiration for Jakarta’s chaos and use it as part of our creative process.


We collaborate with creative talents in the industry and communities that have shown great skill and integrity. If you find that we are not the best choice for your particular project, for any reason, we are more than happy to recommend you the right person. Contacting us doesn’t mean we have to seal the deal. We would love to share our insights with you. We are open for discussion and very interested in learning and connecting with new people.


Traffic jams, tight schedules, varied clients, talents, partners and competitors are part of our creative exploration. And you too... You can reach us anytime, at our studio, your place of business, any 5 star bar or cheap coffee shop and food stall.. We can share ideas and our creative spirit with you at any place or at any time.