03 — Our Team

Our Team

Third Eye Space is a place where we can do more than just produce photos and videos for commercial and promotional needs. It's also a place for discussion, research and innovation in visual education. That’s why we initiate Kelas Pagi, an educational based photography community, as part of our responsibility as industry to our society. We have vast community network all over Indonesia that keep us updated to visual trends and information. 

And based on this, we will be happy to share ideas to help you built the concept to it's final visual result. 



Photographer, Director, Digital Imaging Artist

  • Anton Ismael

    Father of all between what's happening in Kelas Pagi & the Creative Director in charge behind all creativity works in Third Eye Space.


  • Ifan Hartanto

    Started 8 years ago experiencing as Kelas Pagi Student Batch IV he became Anton Ismael's apprentice. Ifan Hartanto somehow gets the big ideas on how to create the looks based on global frame of what is beauty & fashion looks like


  • Kelik broto

    “Meeting different clients means meeting different characters and demand. Its definitely challenging but in the end, thoughtfulness will win everyone’s heart,”


  • Murenk Kusnanto

    Exploring on what's good to capture on frame by his intuitive & love about things we love the most: FOOD! Bubbly & Easy personality make us realize that enjoying F&B have to be as light & easy as possible