We started the journey at 2005,
Third Eye Studio by Anton Ismael.
A studio not only for Anton’s clients but also for his creative explorations. In 2012, Third Eye Studio changed its name and concept. Third Eye Studio became Third Eye Space, a creative commercial space with variety of photography and videography services includes a free photography school and small cafe for Indonesian delicious coffee.
And we are keep growing.
It’s not just about the building.
Third Eye Space family is getting bigger. We have Kelas Pagi, free photography school in Jakarta (2006), Yogyakarta (2009) and the youngest, Papua (2016). There are more than 2000 photographers and visual artists graduated from Kelas Pagi since it started 10 years ago.
Education, art and family
are always our biggest concern.
That’s why we also support
Sanggar Sekar Kinanti in Yogyakarta.
And we have The Eternity,
our wedding photography service.
We built wedding photography concept
base on family values,
which make your precious photos
personal and timeless…