04 — Work With Us

Work With Us

We enjoy chaotic Jakarta as part of our creative process.

Traffic jam, upredictable situation and even competitors are part of the fun that push us to perform better.

We work in efficient workflow with clients and the production team. Our work starts with your brief.


Things That We Love To Hear From You

Our main objective is to meet our clients’ needs. We strive with each interaction to go above and
beyond to meet the individual expectations of each client.

A good client is able to give us input about their needs before, during and after the project. Why? As a
project evolves we realise that objectives can change and we try to make sure the client is always
satisfied with the end product. We would love to hear your insights and what we can improve in the

We’d love to discuss projects with you while sharing and exploring our ideas that come with years of
experience. Communication is everything in this business. It is our responsibility to connect the visual
production and communication objectives. We’d love to involved in the process on all levels.

Client's List

We’ve had the pleasure working with some remarkable brands from various industry.